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    The Heart of the Home

    One of my earliest memories is waking up to the smell of slightly burnt griddled bacon on a dewy Saturday morning, the neighbor’s noisy mower accompanied by the light pitter patter of my feet down the stairs and into the kitchen where my mom greeted me with a kiss on the head.

    The kitchen. A magical place regardless of age. Many would think the living room would be the hub of the home with the word “living” in it. But no, the kitchen stands witness to years of baking experiments, a few too many glasses of wine, and late night DiGiorno pizzas. Aside from the food, the kitchen is where families and friends gather to share the latest gossip or discuss the details of the day. Most kitchens are filled with life. They are filled with breathtaking aromas, offkey singing, and positive energy.

    One of the most sought-after features in homes today is an open concept, especially between the living room and kitchen. Like many other HGTV fanatics, I know the importance of an open concept as a selling point of a home. I scream at the television, “They need that open concept, Hilary!” Many older kitchens were isolated at the back of the house, small and only containing the essentials. They were only for cooking, nothing else. It’s hard to think of the kitchen as an afterthought seeing kitchens today.

    Modern kitchens sport sprawling islands that can accompany multiple barstools and multiple families. Gradually, homework has moved from the bedroom to the kitchen counter. They represent a lifestyle. Whether homeowners choose eclectic, mismatched cabinets or sleek, minimalist white countertops, kitchens have become as unique as a fingerprint.             

    Cooking has become less of a role for women. Many men readily take part in meal preparation. It has become more than a task but also a creative outlet. Being a chef has also become a popular occupation, requiring homes to have high end appliances in the kitchen. Cooking as a couple can become a fun date night. Between cutting up the vegetables and stirring the pasta, setting the table, and digging into your homemade meal, cooking together may become your next favorite kind of date night, especially if you don’t feel like leaving the house. Kitchens are where parents can pass down secret family recipes, where dads can share their secret sauce.

    I am lucky enough to have cooking skills passed down by my mom. I learned to properly chop an onion and mostly importantly, never ever burn the garlic. One of our traditions is making hundreds of pizzelle cookies around Christmas time. The kitchen is really a room for everyone. Bedrooms are places for privacy. Maybe dad is really attached to his man cave, and mom loves her craft room, but the kitchen is available to everyone. Modern kitchens have become places for families to gather and enjoy each other’s company amid the crazy bustle of life.



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