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    Tips for a Colorful Home

    One of the most revolutionary inventions, in my opinion, is the color television. Although I never personally experienced a lifetime of the black and white screen, my mom showed me several monochrome films, and I instantly pitied the children who never got to experience Big Bird’s vibrant yellow or Hannah Montana’s sparkly wardrobe. While black and white can still convey a powerful message, like To Kill a Mockingbird, color allows people to see the world in all its bright glory, in the form of “living color” if you will.

    The connection between color and emotions is undeniable. The phrase “feeling blue” proves it. Not everyone will feel the same about the same color. You may associate the color red with red lights which you hate, but for someone else, red is the color of their lucky tie. As of now, we have established that color is more than an embellishment or an extra. So how can the world of living color affect your home and your lifestyle?

    Color reflects personalities and has the power to influence and potentially alter moods. This is why it is crucial to choose colors wisely when decorating. While colorful islands and contrasting cabinetry are a popular trend, don’t feel pressured to jump on the bandwagon. As every good friend, mother, and father has advised, be true to yourself. You do want to make pleasing combinations, though. For new homeowners, choosing color combinations can be a daunting task, but this task can shape the inside of your home as a whole. Take a courageous leap and step outside the comfort of your basic beige.

    So, what mood do you want to create? Do want something sunny or perhaps a chilled modern theme? Too many colors can be overwhelming. A bonus about paint is that it isn’t too expensive, and if you choose the wrong color initially, it can be easily fixed. Here are some examples of color options. Keep in mind, the combinations are really endless.

    Yellow is an instant mood booster color. My kitchen is painted a sunny hue and gives me the feeling of optimism. Yellow can also be good in bathrooms or dining rooms. Paired with black or gray accents, yellow can be quite a contemporary color. Paired with white, yellow is a simple, classic choice, and it can have a country home feeling when paired with florals. Paler tints of yellow can even have a calming effect. Whether your walls are a light buttery yellow or an intense lemon, yellow can add a lightening touch to any room.

    Orange can be a bit controversial as a room color but there is no denying that it evokes excitement and energy. It is also known for promoting wellness. While whole walls of orange can be overwhelming, perhaps you can enhance your rooms with orange furniture. Add pops of color with orange throw pillows, orange dining room chairs, or even a bright orange sofa as a statement piece. Orange accent walls or statement walls are also a good step into a bold home.

    Red is unlike any other color when it comes to creating energy. If you want to create a strong first impression of your home, paint the walls red. Like a woman wearing an intense rouge, red walls are sure to start conversation. Black paired with red and white paired with red both have a timeless chic appearance. Red, navy, and stripes easily achieve a nautical look that even Tommy Hilfiger would be proud of.

    Blue is an instant reminder of the ocean and the sky, earning it the rightful position as one of the most calming, serene color. It is often recommended for bathrooms and bedrooms. Blue is proven to lower blood pressure and slow heart rate. Blue is also quite versatile as a color. A deep turquois creates drama in a room while a pale, ice blue creates a cold effect. Blues can be great in every type of home, from sleek penthouses to renovated farmhouses.

    Last of all in this list is green, considered one of the most soothing colors, next to blue. Green can be just as refreshing in a kitchen as it is relaxing in a living room and bedroom. It can also be warming. If you do decide to jump on the painted kitchen island bandwagon, bright or gray green is a fantastic option. Green can create a seamless transition between the inside of your home and out into your yard. One with nature as they say. Bold shades of green represent natural elegance while softer shades cater to the gentler eye.

    Ultimately, you are the one living in your home. Paint and décor colors are your personal choice. I simply advise you to choose colors that will match your lifestyle, colors that will make you happy in the end. Remember, if a color choice doesn’t suit you, it’s an easy fix. Don’t sweat it.









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