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    Turning Old Trinkets into Talking Pieces

    Do you ever walk through a friend’s house and gawk at their unique décor? Why does my house look like it came right out of the 90’s? Maybe it has. Complete with giant silk plants and dusty fake rubber fruit, the 90’s are calling. This ultimately sparks your inner desire to change your own home, but transforming a whole house comes at a steep price. While remodeling a whole kitchen or bathroom is realistically quite pricy, there is hope for your décor. Just look in your closet, your attic, or your basement. Why you may ask? Here’s why.

    As you begin to dig through items of failed yard sales past, you may come across pieces you thought you’d never see again. Those antique candlesticks. Your crochet projects. Those woven baskets your mom handed down to you. Yes, they are all reusable. One of my all-time favorite reusable decorative items are books, especially old ones. Stack them up, prop them up, the possibilities are endless!

    One of the best places to display your reclaimed trinkets is the mantel. This is a great place to stack those old books. Add depth to your fireplace by placing frames behind your books and any other treasures you choose to display. Create a touch of classiness with those gold-plated candlesticks passed down from your grandmother. In front of your fireplace you can put rolled up blankets in an old basket for a cozier look. Head out into your own backyard for some fresh-cut flowers, and place these flowers in an empty soda or olive oil bottle on your mantel.

    Your walls can also serve as a stage for your salvaged items. Hang up your hand-woven baskets for a rustic feel. Crochet wall art is all the rage, especially in college dorms. I adore frame collage walls, also called gallery walls. Gallery walls allow for eclectic and sometimes even eccentric tastes. They can make a huge impression even in the smallest rooms. While some art walls include very expensive pieces of art, yours can be just as unique with personal pieces. Cut out and frame old calendar pictures that you find beautiful. Hang up post cards from your favorite vacations. Display your children’s masterful doodle art. Call it abstract! Frame love letters for a trace of sentimentality. Even small, decorative mirrors hung up can create a whole new dimension to your room.

    Today, there are no rules to what furniture can be. This is great news for us repurposers. Instead of buying a traditional nightstand, use a stool or a folding chair. Make a ladder into a towel rack or a bookstand. Put an old chest at the foot of your bed instead of traditional bedroom bench. If you don’t have too many pieces of furniture of your own to repurpose, ask around with family and friends to see if they have anything they want to get rid of. Who knows, your refurbished furniture may become the biggest talking pieces of your home.

    Rather than hurting your wallet at Pier 1 or Pottery Barn, look no further than your own home for new décor. While you may not consider yourself a master decorator, look to your friends or Pinterest to be inspired. Reach into the depths of your creativity, and let your imagination run wild. You don’t have to be featured in House Beautiful. Strive to create a home that makes you feel at home, a home full of your own personal touches.

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